Welcome to Granite Ridge Winery, Cellar Door and Fergie's Hill Cottage

Granite Ridge - Boutique, Hand Crafted Wines
Located  in the Premier Wine Region of Queensland's Granite Belt, Granite Ridge Wines are true boutique, hand-crafted wines of exceptional quality, low sulphur and great value for money. We create them in small batches to provide you with exquisite attention to detail and taste.

Granite Belt STRANGE BIRDS Wine Trail
Testament to the quality and unique wine styles crafted here at Granite Ridge Wines, we have 3 wines included: Petit Verdot, Tempranillo and Verdelho. 'STRANGE BIRDS' are quality alternative wines that represent not more than 1% of the total bearing vines in Australia (as defined by Wine Australia).

Meet the Maker
For a truly personal wine experience you can meet our winemaker: Dennis Ferguson, the man who grows the fruit and makes the wine you are trasting. He will explain why our 'Strange Birds' are emerging as Australia's favourite because of changing food preferences and how suited the wines are to our climate.

Find Us:  Visit us on Sundown Road, Ballandean for a wine tasting, or stay the weekend in our gorgeous little cottage right in the heart of the winery. There is lots to explore when you start on the ridge.

NOTE: Dennis & Juliane Ferguson, Trading as Granite Ridge - Granite Belt, Australia, and our products, have no association or affiliation whatsoever with Granite Hills Pty Ltd, or its Granite Hills labelled wines.